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Dispatched to retrieve his kidnapped girlfriend Rachel, Jay puts his skills
he's learnt from Section 13 to dispose of anyone who gets in his way, taking it personally for they kidnapped his girlfriend. When he gets to the top we're they're keeping her, things turn south and turn out rather sinister...


I built up my problems inside me
Or at least that's what I told myself
But she was the light that would guide me
And now shes gone and I'm giving in
I don't wanna watch the world burn

I lost myself in the love of someone else
A girl, she filled my shell
I don't know how she loved me
But she still found some hope in me
She was taken by my enemies
And so my job came in to play
I'm a coward with no name
Without a face
Another lost soul
of the human race

But something grew
A darkness, a monster
(And it had a motive)
Put everyone in the fucking ground
I told it to stop
I begged it to stop
It wouldn't listen
So my enemies are going down

I'll put you in the fucking ground

Peel back the skin to make him bleed
Take the love away to make him scream

Cut me up
Bleed me dry
Open my throat
Just keep her alive
They took her away, I'll make them pay
Three shots to the back of your fucking head

(I swear to god you try touching me again
I'll rip you apart limb from limb
I'm the one thing here that can't die
I live the half life
So fuck with me
I'll let my bad side cross the line)

You're on the wrong side
And I'm not giving in

I made my way up the building
To the highest floor

Killing everything I deplored
I saw them snatch her away
The love they knew I won't ignore
Taking advantage
Of my one weakness, my subtle flaw
I fought and I fought and I fought
Til I couldn't see clear anymore
Blood red

Cut me up
Bleed me dry
Open my throat
Just keep her alive
They took her away, I'll make them pay
Bang, bang bang
Three shots to the back of your fucking head

I'm what makes up your worst nightmare
You got friends and family, I don't care
I'll hunt you down, put a bullet in your fucking head
The world is better is better off without you
So stay dead.

Fuck you and your pitiful existence

Bullet to the fucking head
Rope around your fucking neck
I'll put you down.


released June 24, 2016
Additional vocals performed by Danny Muñoz of The Sign Of Four
Written and Produced by The Gloom In The Corner
Engineered by Michael Duffield
Reamping by Jeremy Pickett
Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Pickett
Artwork by Michael Duffield
Additional vocal production by Danny Muñoz



all rights reserved


The Gloom In the Corner Melbourne, Australia

Heavy Metalcore

J, P, G, M, Y

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