Oxymøron (Original Ver​.​)

by The Gloom In the Corner

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The Gloom in Jay has taken full control. His desire for revenge on Rachel's killers grows stronger. In a haze of intoxicated fueled and swamp minded rage he tracks down one of the killers. A fight ensues, and Jay is left standing holding their heart in his hand, ripped clean from her chest. One of her friends is taken as collateral damage from the fight, the other two are left shaken but unharmed. The Gloom takes a step back, tired from the control, and Jay realising what he's done, flees.


Come on, take over me
Fill me with rage again
I want this bitch to
Meet her fucking end.
Fill me with dilusions, illusions
Just numb my conscience
This won't end in resolution
Final demise is the only solution

(It creeps up my spine)

[I break in through the backdoor
And wade my way through the crowd
I see her standing with her friends
Ignorant, head in clouds]
God if you're out there
Now's the time to step in
Stop me before I
Put this bitches face to the cement
[If my mother knew
what I'd do next
I'd be put down like the dog I am,
No guilty consciousness]

I'm not just in your head I am the drive that wants her fucking dead
[I'm not just in your head i am the drive that wants her fucking dead]

Take this from me
You prey like a vulture on my humanity
What you left was a hole in my chest
It's filled with hate, and won't let me rest
[So numb the pain
Give in to my disarray
I'll take whats left of your humanity]
[She goes to make a call]
Please stop me god
[Makes her way outside]
I can't give in
[Revenge is mine]
I'll leave her corpse by the roadside

I drag her to the pavement
And throw her against the wall
[Yeah do it, Jay
This bitch acts like she owns it all]
I draw gun but her friends come out
And try to fix the situation
[Lemme take that gun and put it to his head
The boys dead, we're building up frustration]
She's shocked by what I've done
And in the pause I drop my gun
[Reach into her chest and rip out her heart
An act of aggravation]
We stand in the pouring rain
With blood pooling at my feet
Her friends question why I did it
I grabbed them by throats and said

"I am the reaper. Fear me."

[Run from me
I can't feel a thing]


released May 25, 2016
Engineered by Michael Duffield
Produced by Cody Fuentes and The Gloom In The Corner
Mixed and Mastered by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings
Photography by Andrew Bromley Photography
Cover Edited by Michael Duffield



all rights reserved


The Gloom In the Corner Melbourne, Australia

Heavy Metalcore

J, P, G, M, Y

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